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Gudha Gorji, District -Jhunjhunu (Raj.) 333022
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About City

Gudha Gorji is a town in the Shekhawati (which includes three districts of rajasthan i.e. Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu) region of Rajasthan, India.The town is named after Saint Gudheshwar Maharaj, and a very religious and wise Thukurainji, named Gorji. Rajendra Singh Gudha is famous Former MLA. in gudha gorji.Today, Gudhagorji is one of the important commercial towns in the Jhunjhunu district. Tourists visit the town to see old temples and samadhis located on the hilltop, or to enjoy tracking on the hill. Gudha Gorji established on Margshirsh shukla 5, samwat 1705 by Thakur Jhunjhar Singh Ji, son of Raja Todermal of Udaipurwati. Thakur sahab Shri. Virendra Pratap Singh Shekhawat former MLA, is the member of the noble family of Gudha Gorji, is present.

Gudhagorji is connected by state highway SH-37, and can be reached by car or bus from Jhunjhunu, Jaipur or Sikar. The town is about 33 km from Jhunjhunu, 50 km from Sikar and 140 km from Jaipur. At present there is no hi-fi hotel but there are hotels just to stay or for emergencies . However, tourists may stay either in dharmsala or at Jhunjhunu or Sikar. The population of the village is approximately 4 lakh. The village can be called to a town according to its development. The language used by local people is Marwari language but everyone knows Hindi as it is a part of north India.

Wooden handicraft items such as lampshades, decorative table lamps, etc., from traditional Kharadis are sold at the Kharadiyon ka Mohalla. One can also taste the delicious pedas, made by the famous halwais of the town, and Kanji ka Bada.Gudha gorji is also famous for education.In addition to a number of vernacular, Hindi and English medium schools (including schools following CBSE syllabus), there are good enough degree colleges(more than five) in Arts, Science, Commerce, B.Ed. and Humanities and First Degree College Shree Shyam P.G. College, Gudha Gorji. The village is also famous for mountain and great Rajput stories that lead back to 100 years. Many villages around this towns are located at footstep of mountains like Bhodaki,Bhojgarh, Ponkh, Guda, Chanwara, Hirwana, Newari,Kakrana, Manaksas. Actually this town is a lifeline of 46 villages nearby it. This town is an edutional, career and commercial HUB for people of these 46 villages. Many young students from this town join Indian Defence Forces (Army, Air Force & Navy) and para-military forces every year.

Gudha Gorji, District -Jhunjhunu (Raj.) 333022